How to Create Additional Email addresses for an existing account

Giving an Email Address to a New User

To create addition Email address for an account that already exists, first use your BT ID to log in to My BT. If you are a customer using BT Broadband, you will have to go to Your Homepage, click on Your Package, then select See Broadbandto reach BT Email. Once you click on it, select Manage BTEmailand click on Give an email address.  

Here, you will have to provide the details of the new user and you will be asked to select an email address for them. After this is done, click Continue. A confirmation message with a link will be sent to you. The same link will be sent to the current email address of the user that you had been asked to provide earlier as a part of their information. If you had not given these details, you will have to send the link to them on your own so that they can activate this new address.  

This link has to be activated within 30 days after it was first generated. If the new user takes a while to activate their account, the link that will start the activation process will stay in the section titled Friends and Familyin the pages for email management. The activation process will also ask the new user to set up a BT ID and password of their own if do not previously own one.  

Exiting Affiliate Accounts

The same procedure will be followed if the person you wish to create an account for already has an affiliate account. The only difference you will really notice is that when you go to the step where you have to click on Give another email address, there will already be names of the users with affiliate accounts and you will have to select among them. 

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