Need Help for logging into my BT email account

It is possible for you to view your email by going to and in its menu bar, selecting either the link thank that takes you to My BT by using your BT ID and password to log in (which may be different from BT Email password address depending on your personal preferences and settings),or logging in to your email address that ends in or

When you log in by using My BT, it provides you with access to each and every one of your email addresses. This means that if you happen to have more than one BT Email address, you do not have waste your time logging in to each of them one by one to check on them. It is advisable to select a favourite email address. It is not really a compulsion, but if it is an email address that you use often and thus log in frequently, it will greatly enhance the log in experience for the user. This works especially well if you access the same email address again and again.

BT will also display the present status for each of the email addresses that are linked to BT account. Whenever it thinks that you may need to take some action, it will add a link that will help you in resolving your issues. For instance when an account is left unused for long and is deleted as a result, or if it is compromised.

Log In Problems

In the past, resetting the password always seems to work towards fixing any log in issues. If not, it is possible that there may be some temporary issues with the entire email service. To check on this, visit the following page:

check our service status pages >

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